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Need more energy?
Start Easy Programme

First cleanse yourself of toxins, then strengthen yourself with the right nutrition. You need the full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements missing from much of today’s food.

A simple and positive path to new energy is to eat AquaSource Algae.
Organic, wild, and gently harvested, this is the richest known natural food, a true storehouse of goodness. Its amazing nutritional profile closely matches your body’s requirements, and compensates for nutritional deficiencies. Your digestive system turns food into energy. But toxins, pollution, and eating processed food mean that your digestive system is lacking the enzymes and friendly bacteria it needs to function properly: you need to detoxify yourself. The Start Easy Programme is designed to replace these enzymes and bacteria, and provide the essential nutrition your body needs to cleanse itself, and rebuild strength and energy. 

Start Easy enables your body to rebuild its nutritional base. A simple and gentle programme, it helps food absorption through the digestive tract, eliminates accumulated toxins.


Cooking and processing destroy enzymes in food: yet these are essential to enable proper absorption of the broadest spectrum of nutrients from food.


Protecting the digestive system, bifidus helps repopulate the large intestine with friendly bacteria to restore correct function and eliminate toxins.


Another friendly bacteria - the DDS1 strain of acidophilus helps cleanse the small intestine, enabling it to better eliminate waste.

AquaSource Algae

Puts essential nutrition back into the body.

£ 64.80 or 82.90 or 620.00 kn.
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Source: AquaSource

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