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About us

AquaSource has been selling algae all over the world since 1994. Buying AquaSource algae the customers choose the best quality algae of Klamath lake offered at the world market. The difference with the other companies is in the way of drying. 
The methods of drying algae are freeze-dried or window refractance drying. After being frozen, the maze becomes compact and it is difficult to be seen separated through the microscope. Using the window refractance drying, the algae are heated to 72C for 3-5 min. It is normal that this high temperature destroys the nutritional elements. 
Our company uses the BioActive Dehydration
method in which the algae reaches a maximum temperature of only 41C and exceeds body temperature for less than 2 min. See the graph.
The algae we manufacture has more enzyme retention volatile oil and lipid retention (fresh flavor and aroma), higher Chlorophyll and less Chlorophyll degradation (Pheophytin) etc.

A Hope called Klamath (English voice & Greek subtitles)

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